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Archive for April 2012

Nearly done

, 18:27

I did most of the wood work, the whole roof tiling work, installed the lights... and did not yet take one picture of it! Sorry! What i can show you right now is a bit how this street will look like...

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Potential improvements

, 19:49

This is actually a response to a comment by David to my former Blog entry. Response: I know what you mean about the fireplace. I am heavily improvising here as i said. I would have loved to do a...

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Taking a breath

, 20:20

I did repaint a bit the switch board, but the dust and glue marks do not disappear by them self, unfortunately. As some of the details are made with delicate soldering wire i don't want to touch it...

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Distracted by detail work

, 20:30

Yesterday i put on a light switch and the cables. The light will be scratched later. It now occurred to me that because i am building a house where everything is visible, i should model also the...

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Good modeling again

, 21:07

As i have two weeks off from work the progress on the farm is pretty good. I painted and fixed the chimney, fixed the water pump and worked a lot on the walls and the later beam supports. The pump is...

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