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Archive for February 2012

Self made planks

, 20:26

As i need to manipulate the wood a lot, i needed another type of wood then Balsa. All other model building wood is impossible to get in Luxembourg so i made by own planks. For that i am using my...

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R.I.P. Proxxon

, 18:46

Well, i think i just burned the motor of my Proxxon table saw :-( 6-7 years of heavy duty to build this dio, and now, not far from the finish line, it is giving up. Hey Proxxon, how about some...

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50000 visitors - Special offer

, 15:02

Hey, later today i will probably reach the 50000 visitor milestone on my website! 2 and half years were needed fot that. Thank you very much to all of you for your visit! Special offer!!! The visitor...

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, 15:47

for not updating much this last weeks. A bit of health problems, but also very slow process on building windows , doors , hinges and so on for the house front. It moves on , but at snail's pace. The...

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