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Archive for December 2011

Proof of my actual organization mess

, 11:04

I am finished with the shop front since a few weeks, muddling around since then with the lettering before finally redoing them with a self made Decal. This one is finished also since two weeks and i...

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Completely missed this weekend

, 17:33

Not only had i a few health issues prohibiting me any work in the unheated working rooms, but my trip to the rural museum of Peppange (at 10 km distance only) was also a miss. Having checked for the...

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yet another trip to Clervaux

, 13:03

In order to get the "Villa PrĂ¼m" planned i needed a few more pictures of the roof. Last time i went to Clervaux it was summer and leaves did hide parts of the roof. Now look at this The guy...

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some details

, 13:55

Here is a picture of the Harley (proof that indeed i am doing it myself). The picture does of course show only the later Olive Drab parts, Bags and front screen kept off because they get another...

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Saturday afternoon chaos

, 15:55

It's raining in Luxembourg so there is plenty of time to do some modeling. Unfortunately during the last days i am completely disorganized, messing around with a lot of things at the same time and...

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