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Archive for November 2011

Water for module 7

, 19:03

So, for once, i can give you an brand new update, in fact, the resin is certainly still hot downstairs in my working room :-) As an intro, i must tell you that in order to use up my resin in the one...

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, 18:10

Unfortunately since a few days my Blogging comment facility was discovered by a Spam-Bot. It commented on every entry up to now, but was of course eliminated immediately by my filter. I don't know how...

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Expo Walferdange

, 18:03

The last expo of the season is done. It was in Walferdange for the Expo Trains 2011. I think it was a great success for everyone, the organisation and myself. Here are two impressions My dio in the...

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Former Blog entry translated and completed

, 03:01

I just realized that i posted my recent entry in Luxembourgish language! Let me give you a quick translation. I nearly finished my exposition tour. One to go, in Walferdange, starting this evening...

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