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Archive for June 2011

Deciding on the next buildings

, 12:17

After pondering very long on the next phase of structure building i am finally decided. These two buildings are effectively situated right across the street of the Hotel Central, so for once again i...

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Starting detailing the water

, 21:48

First the small stream coming out of the woods: I am not yet completely finished, but I am getting there I think i am going to hold back the method to make my water bubbles as i need to have a few...

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New details regarding the towers on the bridge

, 09:22

Thanks to a very helpful Clervaux citizen i got this picture from the bridge and the towers, the only one to my knowledge showing the towers from the backside! It revealed some more details and more...

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The birchtree

, 18:49

This one is nearly finished also. I must do some painting of the fine twigs and the trunk, but this is the final look (except some more twigs on the lower branch)...

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River pouring

, 18:48

I finally set some of my wave moulds. I think this looks not to bad. It will take me a few days to do everything i want as i need to make new mould copies first As requested , here is some more detail...

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