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Archive for March 2011

Planting the left bank

, 19:07

This part alone has nearly 2 feet! I have a clear picture in mind and like to replicate that. A lot of plants are fitting in this area. I am using a lot of natural stuff to go in there, with the...

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Remodeling a part

, 21:00

I was never really satisfied about the bed of the small stream who is going to run into the "Klierf" (that's the name of the river, means Clervaux). Finally, after i had already painted to...

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, 11:55

I mixed two kind of sand with glue and water and applied this mixture on the riverbed. As i am not sure yet how translucid my river will be so i covered it also with slate stones....

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Bridge stonework

, 19:23

Because of the rounded support for the towers, i need to use the glue technique to master the stonework. I used this already for the witch chapel tower and consist of using straight carpenters glue to...

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Starting Modul 6 for real

, 10:17

Finally, after two months i am ready to go into modeling modus again. For details about the features to be build for this part, please check the entry from december, where i posted some reference...

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