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Archive for July 2010

Holiday time

, 18:27

I am heading for a two week holiday trip to Scotland on Monday, so don't expect any updates for a few weeks. This week i did put some more work on the finishing of Module 5 and adapting it to the...

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Houses done

, 23:46

Again, just minutes before midnight i am able to update the Blog. I finished both houses, just in the timeframe i planned. The whole week i barely made a few pictures, so i only show you the one i...

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Going good

, 23:50

I am not really interested in the Football World cup, but as a Luxembourger (and ex- triathlet and bike rider) i am a Fan of the Tour de France. Particulary because our little country has one of the...

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, 23:49

After the tedious work of laying thousands of cobblestones there comes the next tedious work, the roofing of those two houses. But let me first show you some details of the Restaurant -p√Ętisserie....

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