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Archive for June 2010

The backyard

, 23:45

Uhh, i nearly missed my regular sunday update. Only 20 minutes to go. Ok, this week, a lot of work was put in the windows of the two houses. Casings, frames, doors, ... I decided to do one butcher...

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Good progress

, 22:38

The whole week was dedicated to Mod.5. The other one is finished except some deatailing and weathering, so i keep that for later. Taking the historical picture as reference i planned the window...

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Modul No. 5 !!

, 22:00

I absolutely want to bring Module 5 to the expos. It does not need to be completely finished, but to enhance the overall view in must be started at least. After a little frustration regarding some...

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The wire trees are done

, 21:32

Looking at this view, you see a part of last weeks work Finishing the trees including adding leaves, the last resistant ones before falling down. The rest of the leaves was spread over the courtyard,...

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Nearly finished-again

, 22:54

After every turn it looks that there is one more thing to do before finishing. So i am still working on a lot of fronts at the same time. A lot of work was to get the courtyard, stretched over 3...

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