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Archive for May 2010

A bit stressy times

, 19:41

The only way you could have followed my latest progress is watching me through a video life feed during the last days. Since last saturday i have some 10 modellong hours daily ans so much is going on...

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A typical Saturday

, 21:07

Saturdays are my major workdays. When a part nears finishing like now there are so many differnet things to do. Today, i first glued the furniture in the Café and did some more details ( don't forget...

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A major step

, 21:01

One major step is always when the moment comes to defintely place objects. Is everything done?, are you sure? Is this it? No way bach now! Ok, let's go...

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A bit here and a bit there

, 21:23

Now is the period that everything is nearly finished and i have a big choice on what to do first. So there are a lot of small bits to do and doing a Blog entry about that is not really worth it. I...

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furnishing the Café of Hotel Central

, 21:28

While most of my german modelling friends hang around at the German Modell Masters in Nuernberg i used this whole Saturday to build furnitures for the Café. The bar and the cabinet are assembled...

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The street again

, 21:00

So, i am alternating the tasks again. Not only out of fun, but also because of planniung needs. If i don't finish the street now and paint the rear of the wall before placing the houses, i will have...

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Redoing details on the Hotel Central

, 12:27

You remember the Hotel Central? I made it 5 years ago, it was my very first house! While i believe that it is really worth keeping, a few things need improvement. The three entry doors to the Café...

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A wall made of clay

, 21:48

I used seldf hardening clay to make the bark of the tree. I have a lot left and as i already had a package drying slowly away because the package was not closed airtight i prefer using this clay to...

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Willow finished 95 %

, 09:12

Uff, i initially made a half joke when i told that i will need the whole stock of twigs to make one tree, but no, in the end i would be happy to have some more! After assembling and dissassembling...

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