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Archive for March 2010

A roundabout

, 00:00

So, after a few days of fideling around i have finally some visible progress to show. If you take a look at the picture, the road is coming from the left side of the Café and bifurcates in front of...

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Slowly progressing

, 20:23

I do not have a picture for you this time, but i would like to ensure you that work is going on . I am adding finishing touches on all the houses i made years ago (like signs, weathering and so on)...

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Cleaning up

, 11:31

With such a big project comes also a lot of organisation. Sometimes you also need to clean up the whole workroom as a lot off stuff accumulates during the construction phase. I also wanted to...

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Struggling with the modules

, 00:00

With such a big dio comes a lot of other occupations and problems. This whole weekend was reserved for cleaning up the workrooms. One of the reasons was ( apart the obvious that a lot of stuff and...

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Call it done!

, 00:00

I started mid december and i think i can call it done. I covered the dormers with lead foil, made some touch ups here and there and fixed the window guards I may need some washes here and there, fix...

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A lot of detailing

, 10:43

My whole work for Saturday was to do this one electric thing and the windowguards. I made also the advertising sign but holding it back until i know what is written on it....

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, 20:42

I could barely distinguish a sign over the second entry door on the ref. pic.. I presume that the owner's name was written here once again. I used 3 mm photoetch lettering for that. After having...

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Getting closer

, 18:51

Weathering the side walls with a hint of green on the north side. Also weathering on the roof done....

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Detailing the house

, 20:59

I started with the downgutter, build according to the original picture (see a few days ago) You will notice also the start of the painting of the roof I imagined the lettering on the side of the house...

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