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Saturday afternoon chaos

, 15:55

It's raining in Luxembourg so there is plenty of time to do some modeling. Unfortunately during the last days i am completely disorganized, messing around with a lot of things at the same time and probably going nowhere with any of it. Here is, for your pleasure i hope, a nearly live picture of my desk in the living room, normally used exclusively for computer work, but because of the cosy temperature (and the cold ones in the other rooms) transformed in yet another modelling desk.

I am working on a few things at the same time, watch the picture


Hopefully this will end well :-)

Oh yes, in case you are wondering. For a bit of diversification i started to build the new Miniart Harley. I want to position one with a rider driving along the Clervaux main street.

Ps.: The Spam problem mentionned a few days ago is gone! The Filter from my Provider certainly takes them out before they reach me.

PSS: I got an invite from Eurospoor in Utrecht (NL) for next October. Not yet decided , but looks good

Water for module 7

, 19:03

So, for once, i can give you an brand new update, in fact, the resin is certainly still hot downstairs in my working room :-)

As an intro, i must tell you that in order to use up my resin in the one year shelf live time frame, i already made the ground work of the last module, No. 7. This one gets another 80 cm river part, along with somw vegetation and a prestigious Villa. This picture shows you the river bed with the first coat of resin and hopefully the highlight of this part, the fallen evergreen. I added this one, a) to put some more interesting stuff in there and, b) to hide the joint to module 6, at least regarding potential photos.

Just now i added a second layer of resin who will fix also the tree. You will notice that i added cones, made from clay.

I will do the waves and ripples after that and probably put it aside for a year or so until i finished module 6

Hope you like it



, 18:10

Unfortunately since a few days my Blogging comment facility was discovered by a Spam-Bot. It commented on every entry up to now, but was of course eliminated immediately by my filter. I don't know how often it will hit me from now on, but probably for every future entry at least once :-(

If you did comment on one of my entries and don't see your comment released by me after a day or two, chances are that i deleted them with a whole bunch of spam (if your post was accidentally identified as such in the first place). I would really love to see your input, so i would ask you to switch over to regular mail in that case. Thank you

Dead to all Spam!

Expo Walferdange

, 18:03

The last expo of the season is done. It was in Walferdange for the Expo Trains 2011. I think it was a great success for everyone, the organisation and myself.

Here are two impressions
My dio in the midst of all the railroaders

I also presented my recently started module with the river

Unfortunately the Sheman got damaged quiet a bit and will need a few hours of work to be redone to the former state.

Thanks again for everyone who took the time to visit me (some came especially to the expo to see the dio) and all those who bought my book. Hope you like it!

Former Blog entry translated and completed

, 03:01

I just realized that i posted my recent entry in Luxembourgish language!

Let me give you a quick translation.

I nearly finished my exposition tour. One to go, in Walferdange, starting this evening with the transport and setting up.

A lot of pictures from the last expo in Belvaux can be found here

and on

Sorry, i am still not able to Link correctly out of the Blog

I also linked to a video of the Expo in Belvaux from my homepage. Pictures of the castle start after 1min4sec.

So, see you in Walferdange this weekend. The dio may not reappear for some time after that.

Walferdange is a rail road modeling expo only, with the exception of my dio.

A specially added a roadsign pointing to the railroad station to give my dio a little railroad touch. It's a little joke, i will tell you how many vistitors will notice it.

Expo Bieles

, 18:57

No Sedan as och elo déi Bieleser Expo scho Geschicht, 3 down, one to go fir dëst Joër also.

Merci un all déi wou do waren an ech bei méngem Dio begréisse konnt.

A ganze Koup Biller sin hei ze gesinn

an och méi einfacher op

Sorry, ech brengen et einfach net faerdeg op deem Blog hei en aktive Link anzefügen , also Copy/Paste :-)

Bis dann zu Walfer an zwou Wochen!

Prehistoric Airbrushing

, 18:03

I intended all this weeks to show you something i saw during my holidays on the Northern Spanish coast. I visited the prehistoric Altamira caves near Santillana del Mar and saw one very special display for us modellers.

Did you know that 18000 years ago people used also the airbrush technique to paint the caves?

The pigments or whatever they used was blown through bird bones in a technique we call today airbrushing and need expensive stuff to do it!


Here is the fantastic result

Do you think that our painting will look as good as today in 18000 years?

Shopping Mall expo finished

, 11:29

The second week of the expo i moved to another spot, more central. This was really worth it. I had as much visitors in an hour as in a whole day last week. So let's quickly forget that episode.

The positives of week 2 have been so many that it is hard to count them all. Let's summarize it by saying that besides enthusiastic visitors of the dio, with a few exceptions non-modellers, who all marvelled about the possibilities of model making and the life like look of my dio. I was obviously proud to hear that. I even don't count all the great comments i overheard while the people were not aware of my presence or status as builder :-).

I think i completely forgot the start of the sentence above and did not finish it correctly. LOL, i will not start anew. So i also made great contacts to officials who gave me great assurance that the dio will find a place in a Clervaux museum in a few years.

Perhaps the most worthy visits were those of a few eyewitnesses! Standing out from those was the visit (after seing an ad of the expo in a newspaper) of this young Lady, pictured with me,
who happened to live in the tower (marked with an arrow) as a child until 1943. It was through this little window she looked over Clervaux during all this pre war and early war years.Her grand parents happened to be the persons who run the Hotel Restaurant inside the castle! Wow, that was probably the ultimate eye witness i could still encounter.

Superbe week overall!

Back from holidays and exhibition in the shopping mall

, 09:18

Holiday time is over for this year, let's get the modelling train rolling again.

Now, since last Monday, i exhibit my diorama in the shopping mall Belle Etoile in Luxembourg City.

I am present for a few hours every day, this will be a long two weeks. A bit disappointed by the place they gave me,a bit far from the main doors, but it is already a very interesting experience, because of the non specialised public who discovers my work and seems to love it. Photos are taken, something i never saw until now in a shopping mall exhibition of any sort.

Unfortunately, due to a lot of speaking and the draught in the mall i already start to get sick (throat problems). I need to take my Thermos for the next days :-)

Update why no update

, 13:15

Having completed the river (the first ever water work i did, remember) and the tower (very time consuming and mind consuming) i feel a bit like a soufflé who just collapsed. This took me 6 months to make! Adding to that i must arrange the whole dio for the upcoming expositions, means transporting from the "transit" room in my garage, repairing some damage from former expos and transports, taking pictures (again and again) and preparing everything else. When i finally start thinking about the next steps to build i am always set back by the lack of reference pictures and a bit of lack of motivation to start right now. 10 days holiday break is in sight (Asturia and Cantabria in Spain will be the destination), 4 expos are in sight also with the whole preparation work in between, so this is not like modelling takes a break with me, but the kick to start the new houses fails to come in, yet.

Here is , from the next one to build, the only reference picture i have. I can't read the signs on the facade except the name of the owner. As anyway the german occupant forbid all french sounding names, i need to improvise here.


Hear from me soon!

Overall pics

, 20:33

Yes! i can finally show some:-)

There is some work to do here, most importantly blending in the towers and the bridge.

It took me 8 months to do all that, It was very challenging from water making to a real challenging scratch build (towers) but i hope this will ad something worthy to the dio. (2.1 x2.8m big in the meantime)

Towers done

, 21:31

At least i consider them done, some weathering left to do, but after two months and many many hours i finally finished it. Not entirely satisfied, not when i look through magnifying enses, but not bad after all.

My first test (in march) have been like this

Beginning of June it looked like that
Don't laugh, i see myself how this looks :-)

Here is the first one finished

and the other one

Set in place
Here you notice what i don't like , the welding line on the roof, but i couldn't avoid that unfortunately. In normal diorama conditions, this will not be seen as clearly by the viewers.

Here you can see the result of some of my efforts for the tower work. Moulds, old ones and improved ones, and all the now worthless pours i made from moulds i later changed to better ones.

I hope it was worth it!

Towers nearly finished

, 18:57


I am nearly done with those towers.

A few things to do , but as three heads are already done , this all should go smoothly now. The height of the tower is 18 cm, figures are 14 mm high.

Here is the original
Here is my work for now

Only the heads are missing and the protection bars. Also , the top will be copied and casted to get two identical copies for each tower.

Tour de France

, 22:15

Just a quick update to tell you that i am working on the tower figures. I must do four 14mm figures. I hust spend probably a dozen hours during the last days sculpting 2,5 mm big heads for them just to discover that afterall, they are still to big and i have to start over again.

Besides that, as i am a "Tour de France " fan (which Luxembourger is not ?), some of my modeling hours are spend before the TV watching our guys defeat Contador. Overall i am progressing slowly, but with this kind of detail work, it is understandable. You will to once i post a picture of a finished tower.

Deciding on the next buildings

, 12:17

After pondering very long on the next phase of structure building i am finally decided. These two buildings are effectively situated right across the street of the Hotel Central, so for once again i am imitating the real town here as it existed. Better, the left one is still the local pharmacy today and looks the same apart the façade who was renovated, hiding the nicer stone work.
The building on the right looks like a very old (already in 1944) town house with a barn annexed to the left. I may destroy it a bit and show a hidden car or so. That's at least one initial idea.

Here are two other interesting pictures showing hints of the buildings. Opposite the Hotel Central, on the far right border is a tiny bit from the pharmacy visible.It's the best picture i have from the stone work!

On this picture from the entry of the german army into Clervaux (in 1940) you recognize the corner of the barn. Due to the curve, the pharmacy is not visible.

Starting detailing the water

, 21:48

First the small stream coming out of the woods:

I am not yet completely finished, but I am getting there
I think i am going to hold back the method to make my water bubbles as i need to have a few items to publish in my next book. This one looks promising. I like it!

New details regarding the towers on the bridge

, 09:22

Thanks to a very helpful Clervaux citizen i got this picture from the bridge and the towers, the only one to my knowledge showing the towers from the backside! It revealed some more details and more work for me!

Looking closely we can distinguish figures on the sides, 4 different ones, (two on each side).
So let's start sculpting some 14 mm high figures!

The birchtree

, 18:49

This one is nearly finished also. I must do some painting of the fine twigs and the trunk, but this is the final look (except some more twigs on the lower branch)

River pouring

, 18:48

I finally set some of my wave moulds.

I think this looks not to bad.

It will take me a few days to do everything i want as i need to make new mould copies first

As requested , here is some more detail about the mould. In plasticine i made a river section of about 7-8 cm. From this i made a negative with silicone. From the silicone mould i am doing copies with clear resin, poured as thin as possible
Holes will be filled by overpouring the whole with a thin coat of resin. Gaps between the copies (glued on the resin river bed with a thin coat of resin, again ) are completed with acrylic gel.

Water everywhere

, 21:23

With this picture you will notice two things I started to model the water for the stream and I also poured the first coats of resin into the riverbed.


I am not right ready to work on the waves and ripples. I still need to develop the overall picture in my mind a bit more before starting on that adventure. This is a "no way back" procedure, and i need to get taht right immediately.

I am also testing more acrylic gel stuff and white foam making.

I was in Clervaux today (again) and made a hundred pictures of the "Villa Prüm", the house i will put on the next module. But that is only for next year. I think i will need a few months to plan that one! More on that in a few months :-)

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