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Focus , Focus, Focus

, 18:44

I really need to focus now on specific tasks. Let me explain myself:
- I must finish the bit of waterwork left to do because i must use up the Resin before it's not good any more, if that is not already to late.
- the Sherman is still not back on display after it was damaged last november during the Walfer expo. Still some bits to replace and no motivation to do that.
- The bike shop is not painted and weathered on the outside and is still missing the shop signs and some window railings
- The Gillen house is only done to 95 %, the facade is not finished and painted, so is the roof. Furniture and all the other interior is not done (straw and farm equipment)
- but i already started some work for the third house, called "Bouvier". I made already a complete window including sill and deco. (5 hours work for one window) The Bouvier house will get 31 windows and 62 shutters, means i will need at least 14 days only to get the copies done! That's why i started with that work so early
- i also started to sketch the Villa Prüm
- the towers on the bridge are done since early a year but not fixed and painted
- the Harley Davison sits unfinished on the shelf and is waiting for a rider
- i am also trying to extract details from reference picture to make some photoetch copies, passing a lot of time mastering the software and informing myself in regard of photoetching. Should i do it myself or is it overkill to learn the technique for a limited use of only a few sheets?

Basically i started on nearly every task to complete the dio minus some vegetation.

I really need to calm down and do one task after the other.

Oh, did i mention the preparation for the fall expo who heats up already ! LOL Oh, and the second book needs some thinking to!

It's a hobby, it's a hobby, it's a hobby

Nearly done

, 18:27

I did most of the wood work, the whole roof tiling work, installed the lights... and did not yet take one picture of it! Sorry!

What i can show you right now is a bit how this street will look like after all is set. In the left front you notice the Gillen house, next comes the bike shop.


The biggest problem i have now is the bend i made in the street. I don't know any more why i did it like that. As i have only 12 cm wide to get the road between Gillen house and the Hotel Central and the road in front of Kratzenberg is nearly 16 cm i definitely need to straighten the road a bit, means ripping off the already finished cobbles! Do i really want that?

I also need to put both 95% finished houses away for a while and start the third one, the "Bouvier" house. The reason is the reachability of everything. I definitely must fix Bouvier first and work my way back to the module border and place the Gillen house at last.

As you see i am again in a phase where planning ahead is very important.

Potential improvements

, 19:49

This is actually a response to a comment by David to my former Blog entry.


I know what you mean about the fireplace.

I am heavily improvising here as i said. I would have loved to do a fireplace like you said but i could not find the space for it. ( i think it's best suited in a corner and i don't have one!) Here is the one i used, it's from somewhere on the Net

You are talking about this


It was taken in the museum in Peppange

The whole layout of the kitchen is probably not very good, but i am trying to use the available space the best possible to get a view somewhat looking like an old kitchen, knowing well that it will not be perfect. I am planning to add an oven to the right of the fireplace, symbolizing somewhat a slight modernisation. I will lead the oven pipe into the chimney. Is there a potential problem with that? I also need to fill the wall on the left side with some furniture, not sure yet what to use. If you have a reference picture of yours you want to get build ....

Regarding the access to floor 2, this one you have to imagine outside the borders of the dio! :-)

Any idea regarding stuff on the different floors? It's still time now! I did not plan to do much, so if you have ideas, you are welcome. I do not even have the space to put a decent sized plough into the stable area as it does not fit! The last days i did not work on the lower parts of the house. The last two days i covered the roof ( i recovered from my flu and was just able to do that and will start some testing with a decent indirect light to allow the inside to be seen after i close the side wall.

I will probably never be entirely satisfied here, the house simply lacks 7-8 centimetres in wide and this handicaps me everywhere.

Thanks for your input

Taking a breath

, 20:20

I did repaint a bit the switch board, but the dust and glue marks do not disappear by them self, unfortunately. As some of the details are made with delicate soldering wire i don't want to touch it any more.

See for yourself, when viewed at reasonable distance, the board looks good.

I also got the idea to add some real LED lighting here, hidden probably behind the chimney. If this dio really ends in a museum one day, it is probably wise to plan for some additional lighting right now. This counts also for the bike shop, where right now all my window work will largely remain invisible for the viewers. I really hate electricity work, (see my struggle with the LED's on the castle), but i will check on Tuesday for some SMD Led's, something no one knew about 5-6 years ago. Until that is done, i will not close the building, means glueing the side wall and fixing the roof. Here is the actual look after Easter Sunday work

Roof not fixed!

Distracted by detail work

, 20:30

Yesterday i put on a light switch and the cables. The light will be scratched later. It now occurred to me that because i am building a house where everything is visible, i should model also the income of the electricity in to the house. So today all in all 5 to 6 hours went into the construction of a switchboard, made according to the reference picture i took in the museum recently. Here is the original


and here is what i have done today

The whole thing is only 2 x 1.5 cm big! As you all know, Macro photographing is unforgivable, so i will indeed rectify some painting problems tomorrow. Not that it is so important as the switchboard will be place on the wall to the left of the entrance door and the details will probably not even be noticed by the live public. But for photos sake i will redo some.

Good modeling again

, 21:07

As i have two weeks off from work the progress on the farm is pretty good.

I painted and fixed the chimney, fixed the water pump and worked a lot on the walls and the later beam supports.

The pump is 80 % scratched build with a small part of a commercial one. (i will post a better picture later. The WIP picture were taken with my old camera, so that one comes later also) Note that all the joints on the sides and near the chimney will be closed once all is definitely fixed. At this point, the whole thing is still movable in order to be able to paint the front façade and, not sure about that, lay the tiles on the roof. I may be able to do that separately.

In a next step i placed the white washed smaller beams on the big support beam and laid the planks. No nails at this point as the whole stuff will be covered in straw, hay and so on. If a plank will stay clean i will add nails then.

Another picture of the set-up. Tomorrow i will weather the planks, then fix the second level plus a ladder going up.The pole on the left side is just a dummy to get this stand right when taken off and will not be part of the final roof.


I need also start testing my hay and straw work and not forget to put the gutter in front of the roof.

This is going to be finished for the weekend! (except the furniture in the kitchen)

Moving to the other rooms

, 19:38

After the stable is basically done, i move on to the other part of the house, including the servant's room and the kitchen. I choose to lay the floor with slate tiles and also use the same procedure as i used for the castle kitchen floor.

I cut pieces of cardboard from a Kellog's box and glue them on the floor, leaving out the space for the wall.


You can see me here already putting the grout (colored plaster) between the tiles who are also colored already. The grout has the same color now but will be a lot lighter once dried.

Connecting all the three levels is the chimney. I assembled it with Balsa wood.

I am also starting to put together some roof work, improvisation mixed with routine will get that done, hopefully


Stable is done

, 19:09

I obviously skip a lot of parts again, sorry for that, but after all this years i don't see worthy to post again and again when i painted some little part or scratched little items like the through. So after spending some thoughts again on the best sequence to build the elements, i decided that it was time to "close" the stable. Of course i weathered it beforehand, means also applying some whitewash on walls and planks.

For fun, i took this picture in BW. I will of course add some hay on the ground and also other farm equipment. Unfortunately , the space is way to small and i don't have enough space to put a nice plough in there.


I will continue now with defining the roofwork and putting slates on the ground.

Going good again

, 20:00

First news: The Proxxon table saw is fixed again. I ordered replacement parts and repaired the motor. The whole operation did cost only 25 Euros less than a brand new complete table saw. but as all the essential parts are now replaced, i choose to opt for the more ecological option, the repair.
Second good news: I am modelling again with enthusiasm and a certain flow in my thinking and work. Unfortunately there is still not a lot to show you at this point. Plastering walls and doing stonework with the Dremel, taking measures of three walls you notice the and planning floors are all time intensive but not very photogenic. Notice also the preparation work on the two levels to put in the support beams. I have fun again, and that is the most important thing for now.

I am working from right to left, bottom to top, so there is a lot of dry fitting and all is still improvised. One problem regarding the above right part, (where you notice the build of the supports to put on the second floor), is the lack of space. I wish i had a few centimetres more, but i don't have them..

Self made planks

, 20:26

As i need to manipulate the wood a lot, i needed another type of wood then Balsa. All other model building wood is impossible to get in Luxembourg so i made by own planks. For that i am using my firework sticks (pine wood) and cut them lengthwise with the Proxxon table saw. I am able to get as tiny as 0.4 mm (1.4 cm in 1/35). I probably used the wrong saw blade and perhaps a bit to much persuasion to get the sticks cut until the Proxxon quit the service. Here is a picture of the plank work


Real wood, imperfections already build in, just add some more weathering with the wire brush and you have the perfect plank!

Here also, finally , at least one picture of a door i just fixed in


It still lies on plasticine to keep it straight, so you will not yet get a picture of the inside.

Other windows and doors are set already also, but i did not get around to take pictures.

I visited the rural museum today (the one i missed in December), got some ideas, not a lot but and will probably take away one of the finished windows to replace by something i saw today.

Did i told you that i made all the windows and doors with plastic, painted them and......discarded everything to redo it in real wood. No wonder that it takes so long this time.

R.I.P. Proxxon

, 18:46

Well, i think i just burned the motor of my Proxxon table saw :-(

6-7 years of heavy duty to build this dio, and now, not far from the finish line, it is giving up. Hey Proxxon, how about some sponsorship!

To know why it did give up now, stay tuned...

50000 visitors - Special offer

, 15:02

Hey, later today i will probably reach the 50000 visitor milestone on my website! 2 and half years were needed fot that. Thank you very much to all of you for your visit!

Special offer!!!

The visitor who sends me a mail with a Print Screen of my site (the Homepage, not the Blog) showing the number 50000 get's a 5 Euro rebate on the book, pays only 13 € plus shipping!


I have a winner! As he already owns the book he chooses to keep the refund to redeem on book No.2

Thanks to you all!


, 15:47

for not updating much this last weeks.

A bit of health problems, but also very slow process on building windows , doors , hinges and so on for the house front. It moves on , but at snail's pace. The big cold outside and the 11 °C in my workrooms do not help much either. Hang on for better times and the next pictures.

Got some invites for expositions. One around Brest , 1000 km distance from my home, transport cost would be around 1000 Euros, plus a few sacrificed vacation days. I could be interested for next year (this year it's exactly on the same weekend as Eurospoor), but the costs are probably to high anyway. The other came from a small club near Gouvy in Belgium, not worth organizing the transport. If the organizer reads this, please review the style of your emails, Upper case letters are invented already, punctuation also,Auto-correction is also standard in Email programs and to sign with a name would be a minimum of courtesy if i want to invite someone.

Hear from me soon

Setup of Gillebauer

, 20:17

Here is my timber part brought together with the main building, test wise.
from the Inside,


and from the Outside


I just started the build of windows and doors to be fixed in place before i glue together some walls.

For the timber part i mixed my plaster with cork dust to make it a bit rougher. The rest is straight plaster on painted wall sections.

The timber frame wall

, 20:37

Here i show you how i did my stonework around the timber frame I glued thinned pieces of my trusted stone work between the wood, on both sides of course

and applied a plaster/cork dust mix (notice how i protected the wood with tape)
Just need to put in on the other part now . I could have build those parts together, but this is one of the negatives of improvisation as you do not see everything far ahead.

The "Gillebauer"

, 12:50

I hope you all started the year well. Thank you very much for still visiting my page.I sincerly hope that this year we can conclude Module No.6.

Gillebauer , that's the name this old farm house had in Clervaux. Unfortunately, the owner died only three years ago when i did not yet know that i would build his home. Now, i am fishing completely in the dark. Based on the picture a few Blog entries below, i have a hard time figuring the layout of the interior, not knowing what was stable(except of course the obvious left side) and what was living area. Add to that that i desperately am short of display surface and would love to have a few more centimetres to get everything in. But i don't have them. I even, so let's start with that, am steeling land from the former finished embankment and am adding a surface here to rest the house on. It will then be placed at half a meter only from the shore. That is common in Clervaux, but a bit strange to handle right now.


In a hurry, while the earth was still not dried, i pushed the wall in using pieces of plaster. I am pretty sure that once it gets a nice weathering and plants it will be ok. I am not sure anymore if i can put the weeping birch on the other shore as planned as it nearly reaches this side and will eventually block to much any view. I will see that later. No problemo to put the birch anywhere else,

Another really challenging element is the fact that this house is going to be seen from the outside and the inside. So no cheating at all, no one sided beams for the timber framed part, no one sided doors and windows and no one sided chimney, just to cite a few examples.

As i finally saw no hope any more in getting this house sketched in advance completely, i started with the timber frame, remaining throughout the whole time in complete improvisation mode. That costs me already some unnecessary work, but i needed to start with anything to get the house developed bit by bit. To solve the double view issue with the timber frame i used a piece of plastic card and glued beams on both sides, mirrored of course and only half the thickness , so that the overall thickness equals a normal wall. As the house is made of slate, i glued pieces of my slate copies made from the castle mould into the empty spaces between the beams
The ends are filled with saw dust to give the impression of a whole beam. Same procedure as for some other build already. Windows and doors drawn on and cut out of the styro architect stuff i can't remember the name even after 6 years.
With my usual tools i am glueing the wall on the board, windows and doors cut out with the Dremel. Doors are framed with beams and some of the windows get a plastic card frame to make a nice and clean opening.
As i have finally something visual to work on i am slowly developing this build in my mind, with nothing marked on paper.
I will do a kitchen on the left side, a little farm servant's (Knecht) room in the middle (just enough space to put in a bed), with openings to the stable on the right side. The complete upper levels will be the attic for hay storage and such. That's it for now.

By the was, Eurospoor expo in Utrecht in October is confirmed, 20000 visitors in three days are expected there. I am trying to find a few exposition panels to display my DinA0 posters on (after i translated them in dutch of course), as informing 20000 people with my silly info maps is out of question. Not sure if i should ask the authorities in Clervaux or perhaps other officials.

Proof of my actual organization mess

, 11:04

I am finished with the shop front since a few weeks, muddling around since then with the lettering before finally redoing them with a self made Decal. This one is finished also since two weeks and i did not even show it on my own Blog while posting it on the Internet forums already! This is the result when you happen to plan and do a few things together.

The bike shop needed some traction, i want to finish my water to use up the Envirotex, but my head is spinning around with plans for the farmers build and even already the Villa Prüm. In the end, nothing runs as it should. That said, here are a few pictures of the shop, nothing weathered and some touch up left to do, but it is essentially that.


The bikes (i posted those already) , painted and hung up, the scratched Tricyle, and a few shirts with a self made Peugeot Logo. Not exactly a lot to show, but 1. it's only two month after the liberation and 2., the shop will be seen very oblique, so except for my photos, the public will not see much of it anyway. Do not call that cheating! :-)

The lettering, made with a decal, must be toned down a lot, that's for later.


The sides glued together, not without problems. I also placed some protruding beams (fake of course as is the chimney) and started to lay the slates.

Hope Christmas went all right for everyone.

Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for looking ! (There are 30-50 people looking at the website every day, so thanks for that)

Completely missed this weekend

, 17:33

Not only had i a few health issues prohibiting me any work in the unheated working rooms, but my trip to the rural museum of Peppange (at 10 km distance only) was also a miss. Having checked for the winter opening hours some days ago and planned it for this Sunday, they probably updated the page in the meantime and announced closure for renovation until February and from .... last week on. Tata! That was a fast trip!

I wanted reference picture for the upcoming build of the "Gillebauer" (farmer Gillen's house) , mainly pictures of local furniture and maybe also ideas regarding the layout of such old houses. As a reminder, here is what i am going to do next (together with the roofing of the bike shop)


The backside will be opened. means a ot of work ahead.

yet another trip to Clervaux

, 13:03

In order to get the "Villa Prüm" planned i needed a few more pictures of the roof. Last time i went to Clervaux it was summer and leaves did hide parts of the roof. Now look at this

The guy who planed that house should get removed from the architect order !! LOL , and i want to build that one! Double LOL

A short walk away from the town (a hundred meters from the spot where the Sherman shot the first Panzer 4) i saw this little sprouts growing out of the wall. I used some already during the past years, but often could not find more. Here are tons of it. They are actually only 2 cm high and you notice my wife on the background helping to harvest some.


I leave you with some other impressions from the surroundings of Clervaux, the river and also proof of some green plants growing in December, farn and needle furze (genista anglica)

the river


the town from above

and some old contemporary witness in the forest, the upper entry of a house in the woods just below the monastery

Some times i am really wondering why i am continuing to promote the advantages of the town of Clervaux? After all, the officials of Clervaux are still ignoring me after all this years of indirectly promoting there touristic town and offering them for free this diorama!

Go figure!

some details

, 13:55

Here is a picture of the Harley (proof that indeed i am doing it myself). The picture does of course show only the later Olive Drab parts, Bags and front screen kept off because they get another colour. Also the handlebar and wheel is not attached as i am not sure yet where i will display the Harley and i eventually need to inflect the wheel to the left to mark a curve.

Also this picture was taken just before all the PE on the front wheel fell off because i "just" wanted to add some other detailing. Grrrrr :-( . I left it like that before braking everything and will fix it after i calmed down. I also did some wiring!


Here is a picture of some of the interior i build for the bike shop, some bikes and a scratched tricycle


With all that and the bike wear plus some posters, i will get this shop window well decorated!

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