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The kitchen of the farmhouse

, 17:25

It's basically done, so here is a picture of the set-up. Only missing here is the shelf



Unfortunately, due to the chimney blocking the view, i can't take a overall picture. Getting the right light for photos is a little nightmare. I have some problems also getting the furniture stay horizontal. Very slight irregularities in the pavement cause this problem.

I will finish it this weekend. I will also finish a toilet to be set near the house and will work some more on the bridge. There is first snow announced for this weekend in Luxembourg, so it is probably wise to keep of the roads and stay home and get some modelling done

I started this module on Dec. 4 2010, so i may get it done for the anniversary (except the Harley driver)

Gillen house nearly done

, 19:16

Sometime between all the other tasks i managed to work on the upper levels of the farm house, meaning i tested a lot of materials and colours to simulate hay and straw. I finaly set on the recently collected Neptungrass balls (see a few posts lower), using parts of the whole ball as base stack and adding on top of that a bit of coloured fibres. Dark Yellow for the straw and olive greens for the hay. The original colour of the fibres being brown, the resulting hue is more decent as it sounds. I fixed the whole stuff with glue from the rattle can.


and here is the front


17000 pieces of cork

, 20:45

It's election time in the USA, chances for a recounting are high there, so as i approached the final stage of my cobblestone street I did a recount also to find out how many pieces of cork i finally glued down.

In the end i have a paved street of 4 meters (13 feet) at an average wide of 17 cm (6.7 inch), 6800 square centimetres. I counted an average of 250 pieces of cork per 10x10 cm area. This yields a whooping 17000 pieces of cork, seventeen thousand individual pieces cut, sanded, picked up and glued down! Say loud what you have on your mind! This guy is crazy!

To memorize this moment i did a few pictures, just for the fun of it

This is the unofficial 17000th and last piece to be set


I'm relieved that thsi is finally done

Here is the new road section, complete with new side-walks and rain gutters


Gaining traction again

, 17:50

After a week of reorganizing my stuff after the expo the first thing i am going to do is readjusting the street in front of the garage and pump station. This street section was never definitive and only now, after building the houses of the opposite street side i was able to determine the exact route. As the surface in front of the garage and the hotel was also not what it should be I ripped of the whole surface and parts of the cobblestones to redo the whole thing, and more.

These may well be the last cobbles of the whole dio, thanks for that! After an estimated 5000 pieces i am really tired and bored to smooth them individually. Notice in the background that I also ripped part of the wall around the parc (near the alu box under which i protect the Jeep from dust). This will be realigned also to meet the Bouvier house.

Back from Eurospoor

, 19:38

Wow, the comments i got from the public were somewhat overwhelming, going from congratulations and thanks, to motivating thumbs-up and even respectful bows. Considering over 20000 visitors to the expo i estimate that not far from 100000 photos had been made during this three days.

I tried to capture that with my old camera, but due the movement of the people, the light of the hall and also my shaky overhead photographing, only a couple are usable.


Here are front and backside pics of the presentation i made. Usually i inform the visitors by means of a folder, but i figured that it would be impossible to manage for 20000 visitors so i constructed this panels and printed posters in A1 format. They also proved very successful. As i got a translation in netherlands, i saved myself a lot of trouble explaining the history of the battle and the dio in german or english to the visitors.



The journey was a bit stressy as the roads are very crowded in NL, but the visit was certainly worth it, for everybody i presume.

I got an invite for the Euromodelbouw in Genk next year. I will see what i can do, perhaps i will delay the visit there until my next book is done and the whole dio is finished.

Eurospoor i'm coming but...

, 19:38

this was tight

I loaded my van this evening, managed to get all in, but the van dealer nearly got me.
The width of the van was announced a bit more then 2.10m, exactly what i need to put two modules having 1.4 length and 0.7 m wide side by side. I now discovered that on both sides some wooden boards on either side having each 3-4 cm , so my wide was gone!! That was the first time i worked with this renter, i never had the problem before. Fortunately the overall length was just enough, by 5 cm, to put the modules all the same side. UFF!

Anyway, departure to Utrecht tomorrow morning and i hope to find some comments on the web on monday about my presence

Christmas comes early this year

, 18:31

This is a Christmas tree i made for the Gilllen farm house. The scene is set on Dec. 17 so i decided it could be possible to see a Christmas tree already put up in a house. Right or not, i think it will be a nice addition to the interior of the house.

The tree is 3 cm high only, the Lametta made with sliced aluminium foil. I saw a lot of vintage pictures going back to the early 20 century showing Lametta on the trees , so this is correct. The radio is scratch build to. A few weeks after i made mine a manufacturer came out to offer a similar couple in resin. Not that i wanted one, but unfortunately my radio isn't going to be such a unique piece any more.


Here is another addition to the kitchen furniture.


It's a shelf for proviant stocking . I made already a curtain to put in front put damaged to take this one picture. I may call myself an idiot!

From clear sprue and very fine wire i made this bottling jars, their is a Krikox soup box and a mustard pot from the "Moutarderie de Luxembourg", both typical Luxembourg products. The decals i made of course myself.

Macros are unforgiving, so i am not satisfied with this picture, but please consider that this will be set in the kitchen and while near the border , it is still darker and of course no one will be able to see up this close. o it will be good then i believe.

GMC CCKW (Deuce) looking for owner?

, 19:02

On the way through the mountains of Corsica i found this WW2 truck rotting around in a field. Don't nail me on the exact model. Experts will recognize it immediately. I will show you the pics i took. The location is some 12 km north from Sartène on the D69. If someone is really interested i will gladly give him a more detailed location (+- 300m). I have no other details to offer, neither an owner or a proof that someone is actually willing to sell it but. I thought this might be useful for a fan, so i couldn't pass without taking pictures.


PS I notice that my Comment Spam folder get's massively filled again lately (10 a day). This is done automatically and a good thing. If you have a legitimate comment or question and i do not answer in due time you probably got quarantained too and i will not find your comment. In this case please drop my a Mail (Contact page on the main site). Thank you

Back from holiday

, 18:45

Corsica is a beautiful island and i had a great holiday exploring it's mountain's and shores. Of course i kept my eyes open for any vegetation who might be useful for modelling.

And i did find one great thing


so called Neptune balls, the fiber of the Neptune grass. (

The brownish colour is good also. Only a light painting is required to make excellent straw out of this.

Starting tomorrow i will prepare the Eurospoor expo, so the work on Modules 6 and 7 will lay aside for a while.

Ok, one more

, 19:28

As i wasa week at home before heading to Corsica, i literally powered ahead to get as much done as possible.

Without comments here is the latest. I hope you enjoy this picture (i only roughly eliminated the background)


The space around the backyard stair of the bike shop is also done

See you in October!

River is completely done

, 18:55

Yep, 2.2 meter of resin river is done!

The two river modules are positioned wrongly against the village, so don't be confused :-)

I think this may well be the last update for a month or so. I am placing to houses now, after that it's holiday time. Two weeks Corsica beginning September. After that it will be mainly preparation for Eurospoor in Utrecht for a whole month and a real restart to finish this module in late October with the rest of the Gillen house and other detailing.

Stay tuned !

Everything falls together

, 20:50

First it must of course be finished properly. The Bike shop was built with the plan to built it on the Bouvier house, meaning i did not do the right side of the façade and i did not make the roof with some overhang. The façade was easy enough as i only sprinkles an earth mix on the wall. To overhang the roof i took off some slates and replaced them with longer ones in order to have a 2-3 mm overhang.


One evening was necessary to fix the roof.

Remember the river of Module 7? No, certainly not :-) I made some waves, added stones and finally the white water.


I used some Acrylic Gel now for some rectifying. Tomorrow i will level out some parts and cover the Gel with resin to get it shine nicely. The river will then be completely done all the 2,2 meters of it!

Besides that i am working on the landscape behind House Bouvier. It must be done before i can glue the house on.

Bouvier finished!!

, 19:18

Double exclamation mark because i'm really glad that i finally finished it. I think since i need magnifying glasses to work on details, in effect i need them for everything, i take even longer to finish my stuff.

If i show you this picture you also get an idea where the time was invested
The house has 31 windows to fit with shutters, meaning 62 shutters hold by 124 hinges! Every hinge is fixed in it's own hole. Of course i spend a lot of time to do honor to the nice photoetch parts. For the side stair i added, meaning i soldered the lower part of the railing. There is a slight bend in it, so getting it right was not easy.

I hope you enjoy this pictures. While i see a lot of problems with the build when i use my macro look, i think seen from a reasonable distance it is not so bad.

A zoom in to show the roman letters over the door, meaning the house was build in 1846!, already 98 year old the day of my dio.

I will need until the rest of the year to finish the module. Yes, holiday, expo preparation and execution, a bit of work for the bike shop, a bit more work with the Gillebauer, cobblestone work, fixing the towers on the bridge, doing a Harley driver and finishing that, this takes time. Somewhere in between i will try to scratch this fountain.

PS. I begin to hat this Blog layout, pictures are to small to appreciate, but i have not the time to do anything about it now. The Blog is incorporated in the website and changing any thing is a very big task.

So much to do

, 21:04

No update here does not mean that i did not work on the dio, even if i still have not a lot to show picture wise. To the contrary , i am working so much on the dio taht i do not have the time to take photos and Blogupdates.

I finished the roof and made some special gutter work, stairs are made and remade and refitted

Ok, the stairs are finished and set already but i do not yet have a picture.

I started working on the balcony. The original balcony is still on the house today, so this is what i want to copy

With a piece of wood, 0.25 mm lead wire and some putty and plasticcard i made this here
Looks bad, i know, but with a nice cover of Tamiya modelling putty it will look better, promise. And please don't forget that this is only 2 cm wide.

Here is a picture of the balustrade

I did some posts for the balustrade using a needle and surrounding it with thin brass wire, topped with two other needle heads and punched plastic for the feet.

I extracted the railing with Photoshop from the the picture above and gave it, together with other parts to a photo etching service who just returned the part to me.
Nice , isn't it?

You notice the railing (front and sides) for Bouvier, there is also the lion belonging to the bike shop and there is already a railing (the one on the right side) meant for the Villa Prüm.

To finish this update i show you a wall i made to limit the space where Bouvier will standing on. I will explain that later. I made a wall of some 50 cm. Copies of my original wall are glued on cork. The wall will be bend a bit, so the flexible cork is optimal here

I need probably a good week now to finish Bouvier. After that i will do work to prepare for the expo in Utrecht, meaning i must redo a tree, fix the Sherman, do some Expo panels and so on.

Bouvier going good

, 23:39

Notice on this picture how i raised the house by adding the lower stonework, getting it to look nearly as the original
The left out space is of course meant for the stairs. I completely made the facade by sifting a fine sand over the walls.

The weekend before i started with the roof work. The gutterwork alone took a few hours to make, followed by an intense roof tiling session. I managed to finish one side during that weekend
I completely finished the roof this weekend, aided one partly by some knee problems hindering usual weekend activities and by the awful weather we have in Luxembourg since a few weeks. Great excuses to do some modeling!

I do not have pictures yet from the finished roof.

I also spend a few hours planning the setup of the house, still having serious problems placing Bouvier. Because of the big stairs the space between the house and the river is so small that the look is not very convincing. Therefore, and because of another error i made, i raised the house by another 2 cm. Those centimeters will be invisible near the road as the only bring the house to road level, but will raise even more the look of the house on the backside, bringing me also quicker down to the river level. Of course a centimeter height means another two stairs more to get to that level, means at least 1.3 cm space less. There will defintely be no solution here who will entirely satisfy me.

So, all those rearrangements have one positive outcome. I will be able to fit this fountain-laterne mix into the build

The big problem here (a part the very difficult scartchbuild ) is that i can not clearly identify any of the features on the fountain. I did my best with Photoshop but couldn't get any more details out of the picture.

Anyone out there with a good idea what i could be?

My vote is for some child figures (angels) on top and the middle sculpting being fish heads. On the back a water pipe is coming out of one of those figures.( the fountain is behind those ladies on the left side)

I have no idea about the inscription who certainly is beneath that.

Layout problems

, 18:40

Like i said, after i had inserted the doors and windows, done some detailing and layed the base for the roof tiles, the Bouvier house looked quiet good already. I like it indeed much better then i ever imagined it could be. Add to this shutters and it will be pretty impressive.


But now....

Remember (and take a look again at the reference picture) , i did in fact downsize the house to a size who made it possible to be built-on the bike shop. I imagined not having enough space to put in standing alone and the original size would dwarf to much the houses behind (Kratzenberg).

Now that i placed it on the place i planned it, i do not like it at all! I really should have made a moke up and play around it before the build.


The thing i really do not like is the comparative look with the bike shop (to it's right). I was very minimalistic here, not even doing some small windows on the lower back side. Now compare it to the fully equipped Bouvier house. Impossible.

The size also is to small now, a bit more really can not hurt the view.

I am now playing around with the houses, raised the Bouvier house (the raised portion can be the lower part of the original house, the part with the slate stone decoration i completely left out) and will eventually rearrange (and destroy one of the walls) the parc with the wheeping willow. This allows the Bouvier house to switch some more to the left , allowing it after all to stand alone. This poses now the problem that i did not do any detailing of the right side, now openly visible! Aaarghhh!


If i now push the bike shop a bit back i open the space some more and may get a look Clervaux indeed had a long time ago, with two little streets pushing from the main road to the Clervaux river and having some houses right up to the river banks. The space between the houses (only some 10 cm ) could be filled with a nice little feature who was exactly situated at this place, a fountain - lantern mix. Of course i can again not distinguish the details of the sculpting (same as for the bridge towers). Probably some lions at the height of the waterpipe, but what sculpting was done at the upper portion is a mistery to me (looks like babies :-) ) Of course i can not see if there was an inscriprion at the base.

For now i will recast some more windows and doors and rethink a bit more all this new elements.

This all could have been avoided with more detailed advance planning (difficult) but i also could have gained 10 cm by moving the river more to the module border. But then i wanted to simulate the hill opposite the town....... Hmmm... nobody said it was easy, isn't it.

Copy making until i felt dizzy

, 19:11

I showed you the one original window and one shutter already i made for house "Bouvier" Now i had to make 4 kinds of windows and two sizes of gutters. From these originals i made moulds and produced some 36 windows and doors and over 70 shutters, this during the last two weeks.

You may add around 20 more copies to replace bad ones.

This is what it will look like


I must now eliminated lots and lots of air bubbles, paint all these copies, put glass behind them and insert them in place.

This is a lot of work, of course, but the house is basically finished after that! Ok, the roof and some detailing needs to be done, but this is routine work already.

A bit of fun

, 13:55

For those of you who wondered how i am calculating my measures for windows and doors, here is, just for fun, how i am proceeding, just look at the scrawling on my sketch sheet.


I recognize ever more that the pictures actually appear not big enough in this Blog, need to check that, but i do not really am in the mood to modify a lot at this stage.

Another intermediate and somewhat fun picture .

I am checking right now to find the right positioning for the light i will put into the Bike shop. Remember, the goal is only to allow a bit of view of the front windows display. I put some hours of work into that, it would be a pity to leave it all dark. Of course, now that i am illuminating it a bit, i need to squeeze in some qequipment and decoration into the shop itself.

So i took this picture this morning,


Looks good, no?

Remember, no weathering yet on the facade, that's why there is still a slightly shine on the sign.

Bouvier overall pictures

, 13:33

You hardly can imagine what i am up to if i do not post some overview pictures, isn't it?

So here, in this picture, you can see the massive house in the middle of the town, that's the Bouvier House. The picture is taken in 1945, notice the american vehicles around the building. To the left you recognize the gate to the park, the two houses i made as Boucherie and Salon de consomamtion (Mod.4). This means the house is some what positioned correctly in the dio compared to the original. I will refrain from doing it as a stand alone house as i do not have the space for that.


Notice the massive stairs at the front of the house.

This stairs are in fact the only thing missing in today's Bouvier house


When i took the pictures there was a leftover from a Christmas on the marketplace.

I will do this stairs and move what is today's right side to the left so i get a nice entrance there also. My right side is build-on to the bike shop.

I will be able to do every window and door, but the space in between will be a bit less.

Starting also the third house

, 18:10

This one is widely known as "Bouvier" House, according to the former owner's name. Except the one i will show you shortly, i have only overall pictures of the house, well recognizable in the city because it's massive size and situation beneath the castle and behind the bridge.

I did not intend to model the house completely as copy from the original as it is defintely to massive and would dwarf the houses opposite the street, the Cafe Hunnegschmatts and Kratzenberg. I wanted to build only a scaled down version and build-on to the bike shop, all not conform to the original because the bike shop is not even in this area and the Bouvier House is standing proudly alone.

Well, in the end, it looks as the bike shops was already pretty big and it is possible to build the adjacent Bouvier house with the same features as in the original, so in the end the only inaccuracy is the fact of not standing isolate. More on the o overall building in a later post.

The house is still standing today, except a few modifications regarding the entries. The windows are the same as 100 years ago, hopefully with double or triple isolation now. As i will build three sides of it, i must build 37 windows and 74 gutters!
I will of course do resin copies of originals. For that task alone i will probably need 2-3 weeks and that's the reason i started already with the Bouvier house, leaving all the other work aside for a moment (see previous Blog entry). I will do a copy a day along side other work.
There are three designs, here is the most difficult one i started with
My copy, 5 hours of work. This time i opted for a all in one build, meaning the sill and window build in one piece. (Normally i do a sill in Balsa wood an copies of the window i insert later. This time i do not really want to do 37 Balsa cases!

I notice only now the upper part being a bit to big. Problem is the lack of small enough Evergreen stripes to simulate some features.
The gutter is alos done. I used slightly overscaled 0.5 mm plastic sheet as it will be the only way to get some clean resin copies, if it will work at all.

I also intend to brake down the first prototype and adjust it to the other two designs. That is the plan :-)

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