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T-10 and nearly done

, 22:40

Uff, i planted some evergreens today and can call this module done! Finally, the last weeks had been a little stressy, to stressy for a hobby. I need now only to fix a few broken items from module parts i can not reach for the moment. Need to wait disasembling in a few days to get that done. Three figures needs finishing and also the Lanz Bulldog and the two trailers need weathering.

The next weekend will be dedicated to decoration of the modules.


Two rose arches, 4 evergreens and a lot of other stuff later, i really like this view!

Finishing! Finally

, 23:16

I had a 12 hour modeling day and am really approaching the finish line. Here are a few overview pictures, still checking where i should place my vehicles The backyard of the new houses nearly finished, only some vegetation to do and some details in the courtyards

Not sue if i place the jeep there, but i probably will. It's the only way to have some life here. overall1.jpg

An Army theatre playing Laurel and Hardy.


Proof of work

, 23:40

Yes, i can't really call this one a Blogupdate as it is really a brief summary of what i did since my return from holiday and before starting going to work tomorrow. So let's call this one a proof of work done. I worked daily 8-10 hours on it during the last 10 days and was mainly occupied to bring some life in the dio.

I finished the evacuation Jeep and painted the figures, build a Dodge to go with the people getting evacuated on the first house. I also painted a figure to place near the Dodge. I made some improvements to the Dodge with Photoetch . Having never worked really with detailed photo etch, this was a tedious task but hopefully worth it. I quicklay build two trailers but am not sure if i can use the Cargo trailer (he is probably post war)


I also painted the tank commander ! Finally, after nearly 10 months :-)

I made the electric wires from a new pole to the Hotel Central. Of course the very basically attached fitting broke during manipulation (hey, i build this 6 years ago and never imagined that it would be part of this adventure) So i remade one fitting with brass parts

This one holds well.

I also continued with my planting efforts. A lot of stuff is needed to cover convincingly a surface of 40 x 40 cm. This part is meant to be a slope planted with a nice hedge. In front of that i will make a high grass field made from hemp rope.


Back from Holiday

, 22:13

Two great weeks in the Scotish Highlands passed all to fast so i am back at "work".

Detatils, details and details. That will be the workload for the next weeks. Be it electricity poles, signs, benches, walls, plants or figures and vehicles. Not a lot of time, if any, will be devoted to phototaking, so updates to the Blog will be rare.

Five weeks to go until Euromilitaire, there is no time to waste!

Holiday time

, 18:27

I am heading for a two week holiday trip to Scotland on Monday, so don't expect any updates for a few weeks. This week i did put some more work on the finishing of Module 5 and adapting it to the other ones. That means, after grouting the cobblestones, finding the right colors to have a good transition from one module to the other. While i can't avoid the gap i should at least try that. I also repainted the roofs of the last two houses and started doing the backyards. I want to get to the point where i have to do more groundwork, this could then have plenty of drying time the next two weeks. I am probably going to work until H-1 hour when my wife needs to tear me away from the hobby cellar and force me to finally pack for travel.

Have a nice summertime and hope to see you back end of August

Houses done

, 23:46

Again, just minutes before midnight i am able to update the Blog. I finished both houses, just in the timeframe i planned. The whole week i barely made a few pictures, so i only show you the one i took minutes ago without tripod from my actual setup with the two new houses


Ok, i am tired , so this is it.

Going good

, 23:50

I am not really interested in the Football World cup, but as a Luxembourger (and ex- triathlet and bike rider) i am a Fan of the Tour de France. Particulary because our little country has one of the top contenders for the first place in the race in the person of Andy Schleck, i am right now loosing 1-2 modeling hours per day to the TdF.

Modeling wise this week was not very interesting. The tiling of two roofs took the biggest chunck of time. The dormers have also been made,

Slowly i like the look of it!

As i am waiting for a photoetch railing from Royal Model to finish the pâtisserie i worked on some sorte of gate. To the left of the butcher shop (this is based on ref. pics) was this gate as an entrance to some sort of park alongthe river Clef

I have no complete picture of it, only other views from very far. I used my trusted stonework from the castle to make this gate


As soon as i have the railing and also replacement blades for my Cutter i am going to finish this, just in time before i must make a break for my summer holiday.


, 23:49

After the tedious work of laying thousands of cobblestones there comes the next tedious work, the roofing of those two houses.

But let me first show you some details of the Restaurant -pâtisserie.

What do you say about those inscriptions? I like them! :-) The interior is done very roughly , i took this picture before closing the roof. It will be nearly dark then and because the viewing distance will be a 50 cm oblique, nothing will be seen, except if i publish some picture about.

The gutters are made again from Alufoil. (see my How-to video somewhere down this Blog)


and then.... cutting and gluing the slates, the method is very good explained in my book


See the missing roof covering on the left side? That is the result of me trying to skip some steps. I tought that i could leave away the support beam in the middle just to discover later that the base for the slates is not really strong enough without it. So i cut some away and fixed two beams under the cardboard to strengthen the whole thing. This gave me the welcome opportunity to fix the curtains as the are fixed as in real and unfortunately are wipping back and forwards.

So here is a bad picture, hust to show you that i also started to work on the figures.

I am doing a litter carrying jeep with driver and passenger and show them transporting an badly injured soldier to the castle.

jeep1.jpg More on that later with hopefully better pics.

Here is the fun picture for today


It's 30 degrees Celsius in the work room, it's 10.30 pm already, so i hope that explains everything. Notice the mess again!

Uuhh, 10 minutes to midnight, my update is just in time and i finish another 10 hour modelling day.

The backyard

, 23:45

Uhh, i nearly missed my regular sunday update. Only 20 minutes to go.

Ok, this week, a lot of work was put in the windows of the two houses. Casings, frames, doors, ... I decided to do one butcher shop and one mixed Restaurant-Patisserie house. This is based on old ads i have from the contemporary travel guide.

Here is the butcher


The facade is not yet made! I decided to whiten(sp?) the storefront to show the unoccupied shop. No picture from the other shop, but it is mostly done also. Now i am going to do the roofing work of those two,

I also planned the backyard of those houses and the rest of Module 5. This are "only" 50 cm to fill, peanuts ! The biggest challenge is the difference of height. I need to overcome it quickly as the next module starts immediately with the river, so that's level 0. Here is the first step


I came so far

It's start looking not to bad i think. A lot of vegetation comes in here later.

This mess is a bit normal during such construction phases , isn't it? :-)

Good progress

, 22:38

The whole week was dedicated to Mod.5. The other one is finished except some deatailing and weathering, so i keep that for later.

Taking the historical picture as reference i planned the window openingsand build everything as i usual do. Let me make this short as i am tired and hardly managed to do this update . Here are the houses in the beginning and with some sidewalls for testfitting


Looking at this picture (taken 5 days later)

i finished the casings and fixed the side walls. The time betweeen was used to build and fit windows (no picture, sorry). Also, the cobblestone road is nearly finished now..

Modul No. 5 !!

, 22:00

I absolutely want to bring Module 5 to the expos. It does not need to be completely finished, but to enhance the overall view in must be started at least. After a little frustration regarding some painting on Mod.4 i decided to start No.5, Well, for once i made some correct pictures, i mishandled the camera at one point and the pictures are only 640x480 resolution. No way i can use those for printed publication. I start with the missing road part between Mod. Village and Mod.4, some 40 cm of cobblestone, with a long curve as special challenge. Some cobbles were already made during the last weeks, others are done during the little time i spend in front of the television to watch the World Cup.

Here you see the work done after two days, including a nice side wall to limit the road


I am changing permanently again, working on one thing during the drying time of the other. So i also started on two houses to put in here.

I want to do the two houses in front of the Bus in this photo. The road is the one leading to the river bridge on the left side.

I have on big problem here. This is a flat roadpart here but i have a steep downslope of 6 cm to cover in only 30 cm space. I will need to improvise a lot here. For now, this is my plan

In front of the right house i will ad some sort of terrasse to access the shopping windows. This will add some good viisual interest to the part. I will also be able to not hide the back row of houses what is a very good thing.

I also do not know what kind of shops this were. No idea! So i am looking in the advertisement part of my 1930 Clervaux travel guide to find something suitable. I do not intend to show something in there. The main reason is that in the future, in a completed diorama, this fronts will only be seen from theother side of the dio, at some two meters distance! Do you think it is worth the work to put some shop nterior in here. I don't think so. Let's keep my energy for the houses intend to do on Module 6.

The wire trees are done

, 21:32

Looking at this view, you see a part of last weeks work


Finishing the trees including adding leaves, the last resistant ones before falling down. The rest of the leaves was spread over the courtyard, with a few left to put right under the tree, once that part is finished.

Believe it or not, this leave stuff takes a lot of time between drying, painting, selecting and glueing but the look it adds to the dio is worth it, i am sure.

Nearly finished-again

, 22:54

After every turn it looks that there is one more thing to do before finishing. So i am still working on a lot of fronts at the same time. A lot of work was to get the courtyard, stretched over 3 modules, to the same look. I did not remember anymore and of course did not note how i painted the part two years ago. Washes after washes i couldn't find the right match to the one already finished, the one with the truck on it. I did not want to touch the truck. Finally i lost patience and i repainted everything using different acryl colors, painted wet in wet, and going as close as possible near the truck.

During the last 14 days, i also started to twist branches for the trees to put in this yard, using very thin copper wire. I soldered the branches to fix the strands of wire well and also to eliminate already most of the twisting signs.

After that i fix them on a real branch

Here is it after i worked the transition from wood to wire with magic sculpt.

Another time consuming occupation was the preparation of the dead leaves to put under the trees. I am using Thymian leaves found in the "wild" :-)

This are painted red brown ( in fact i am using up old Tamiya colors of bright green and orange, this mix gives a nice fall color). Those are dispersed on a bed of white glue and flattened later. The left side looks white now because of the diluted glue


Without picture, but just to mention, is the work i am doing right now on the high tower of the castle where i am replacing all the ivy leaves. I did not like them anymore, to big after all, and naturally colored to an ugly brown. So i am replacing them by Thymian leaves also.

2-3 more days to go and i will be done with this one, for sure :-)

A bit stressy times

, 19:41

The only way you could have followed my latest progress is watching me through a video life feed during the last days. Since last saturday i have some 10 modellong hours daily ans so much is going on that i do not even have time to take pictures. I am about to finish the part and my head is overbubbling with modelling stuff. Things i should do , others i must do, time who is running till the expo's and so on. Meanwhile i glued on all the buildings. Thre rear of the buildings needed some improvsation as sue to space issues i can't model 1/1 of course. The side of the Hotel must be done according to reference pictures. Well, ia m writing probably as randomly and stressy as the last week was.

Perhaps pictures help explain a bit. Here is the area of the garage with doors fixed and space between cobbles and houses already filled
Pictures taken by hand because of lack of space for the tripod and no patience to do that :-) Here is the sid eof the Hotel now. Notice the doors inserted again, a side entrance is build under the terrasse (on the right side) and stairs added

The back of the Hotel now

The three parts need to be adjusted in height and rectified with plaster. After it dried i will redo the complete parking in one stretch to get a harmonic coloring.
The back wall is finished also.

Tomorrow i will start detail painting on other details and i will achieve my goal of finishing it during my small holiday. (Except some tree work)

A typical Saturday

, 21:07

Saturdays are my major workdays. When a part nears finishing like now there are so many differnet things to do.

Today, i first glued the furniture in the Café and did some more details ( don't forget the bad view you will get from this! No need for hyperdetail and superfinishing!)


I also redid for the third time the entrie doors to the Café and i closed the gap behind the houses

and set de wall on it

I also started already with the wire trees i need to do and made one big branch already


I am now finishing a 12 hour modelling day

A major step

, 21:01

One major step is always when the moment comes to defintely place objects. Is everything done?, are you sure? Is this it? No way bach now! Ok, let's go

A bit here and a bit there

, 21:23

Now is the period that everything is nearly finished and i have a big choice on what to do first. So there are a lot of small bits to do and doing a Blog entry about that is not really worth it. I made a quick picture with the flash for you before i close down for today. I want to show you that i finished the furniture ( i may repaint the beer tap) . The trick with the brass wire looks also worth remembering. I glued it on with glossy acryl varnish.

It's all painted wit oils over acrylic and needs a few days of drying time. The bottles in the cabinet are only pieces of clear sprue and some painted green clear from Tamiya. Behind the glass that looks ok for me.

Don't forget that the viewer will have to bend down and only have a side view in a badly illuminated room to see this. So this should proof more then enough to simulate a café's furniture.

furnishing the Café of Hotel Central

, 21:28

While most of my german modelling friends hang around at the German Modell Masters in Nuernberg i used this whole Saturday to build furnitures for the Café.

The bar and the cabinet are assembled mainly from plasticcard and bits of my stash. I also made a fake door to glue on the wall.


The transom glass is made with brass wire. Now i only need to manage to paint the top without staining the glass.

I will put a stove in the room and may have a bit of space left to place some tables and chairs.

The street again

, 21:00

So, i am alternating the tasks again. Not only out of fun, but also because of planniung needs. If i don't finish the street now and paint the rear of the wall before placing the houses, i will have big problems later.

Doing the grout between the cobbles with a mix of plaster, fine sand and glue.


I also covered the wall with plates.

With a mix of VanDiyck Brown and Payne's Grey oil color mixed to White Spirit i made a wash

I need to wait till it is dry, but i think i took away some of the color and the cork is shining through, so i need to repaint a part. Let's wait tomorrow to discover that

Redoing details on the Hotel Central

, 12:27

You remember the Hotel Central? I made it 5 years ago, it was my very first house! While i believe that it is really worth keeping, a few things need improvement. The three entry doors to the Café (one still in place, the others already removed) where made from plasticcard.

centralint.jpg Unfortunately the doors bended to the inside and that was inacceptable and need to be replaced. I also made the windows with thin and opaque plastic foil. (you notice basic furniture in the room. That was meant for the curious peaking trough the upper glass.


I now decided to replace this foil be either real glass or strong microscope plastic. I will be able to straighten the doors with that. Formerly the Hotel was meant to be placed at a little distance and you would not be able to see inside. Because of my layout change, the viewer is now with his nose against the entrance door and because of that i will leave the glass clear this time and am going to make a real interior. This will take a lot of hours to do, but will hopefully be worth it!

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