• After 8 years of work, starting 2005, the publishing of the second book about my work marks the end of this exciting modeling adventure
  • Here I am explaining a bit the project, the making of one of the biggest dioramas ever build in 1/35 scale. The story has of course changed and I will change this page soon.
  • You will find a couple of pictures in the Gallery. After the publication of my books I hope for your understanding that I cannot publish to many pictures. You should consider them as teasers who hopefully will convince you to buy the books.
    Please note that I will continue to update my Blog with all my actual modeling work, even if the Diorama Clervaux is finished!

What's new

Feb. 12 1945, Luxembourg is free, finally!

My diorama was very well guarded during the exposition in Clervaux


Starting work on the rain diorama


Modul 8 is finished

please check the Blog


Finally again a serious update on the Blog!

Building a 30 cm (1 foot) Evergreen tree


FRENCH PDF finished / PDF en FRANCAIS fini


GERMAN PDF finished / DEUTSCHE PDF fertig



The book is also available in Australia !


ONLINE Press Reviews

About Capturing Clervaux - The final hour
"Wenn dann noch eine wirklich angenehme Art des Schreibens, gepaart mit Witz und ein wenig Ironie hinzukommen, ist der Bestseller eigentlich perfekt "
from a modeling forum
"got it...wooow...this is absolutly outstanding. the first book was good but this one is the cracker "
"If you ever get the chance to see this diorama in the 'flesh'...so to speak...don't hesitate. Meanwhile, get the books. ...., it's a cracking good read! Highly recommended."
AMPS-Armor.org (english)
"The photographs in this volume are first rate, showing clearly what the author is discussing in his text. ."

"high quality publication with plenty of good explanations and pictures ....... A must for any serious modeller to read."
About Capturing Clervaux - A modeler's tale

AMPS-Armor.org (english)

"This book is simply loaded with great ideas and methods "

Military Modeling (english)

"a more than worthy addition to any modellers library."

Armorama (english)

"anybody reading it will come away with an idea they can use in their own work. "

Panzer-Modell (german)

"massenweise tolle Photos vom Bau und vom fertigen Gebäude"

O Scale Model (english)

"Webpages are great.....but when it comes to looking at great pictures, I still prefer a well-printed book."

Identifying the Clervaux Sherman
an interesting piece of local history



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